Tired of rumors starting

Happy Friday, readers!  I know I’ve been lax on the blogging this semester, and I want you to know I do NOT take this job lightly.  Sometimes I take writing a judicial opinion for my seminar a little too lightly… but never this blog.  But I have been busy, and Britney has been less busy, so we’ve all survived with some lagtime on our BS gossip.  BUT this week, B has been blowing up the news (gossip columns) with rumors.  X-Factor? Smash? Wedding? Lawsuits? McDonald’s???

Reunite, please.

X-Factor: these headlines (is she? isn’t she?) have been blowing up my Google Alerts all week.  Apparently Britney expressed interest in joining the show as a judge, and Simon Cowell said he’d love to have her and that it would be “a walk in the park” for her.  The latest indicates that Britney IS in talks with Simon and could be joining the panel!  I won’t hold my breath for these negotiations to pull through, but this seems like it could be a good steady gig for domesticated soon-to-be-married Brit.  In other fake news, there was a rumor for a minute that Brit would be joining the new show Smash (which I’ve somehow managed to not get obsessed with yet), but it was quickly denied.

Delayed Wedding: Originally my girl was set to tie the knot on The Best Day of the Year.  Then we heard late summer country wedding in the works.  Now apparently they’re further delaying the wedding, hoping to get all of Brit’s legal dramas out of the way (without her having to testify) so that her dad can end the conservatorship before she’s married to Jason.  Perez reports that Brit has a wedding planner, Louisiana is still the planned destination, and that it will take place once the case settles or when the trial ends.  When people sue Britney, they’re usually looking to settle, so I expect that will happen soon (Sam Lufti is the WORST).  His suit against Britney and her parents for breach of contract and defamation looks pretty weak, since a judge in 2009 granted a THREE YEAR retraining order to keep Lufti away from Britney and her kids.

Ew. (drink)

Gross Bodyguard Lawsuit: Bitches love to sue Britney!  It’s all the rage, still, and I hate that it works out so well for some people.  I reported this summer that Brit’s former bodyguard, Fernando Flores, had sued her for…being naked in front of him? Tryna sleep with him (which Britney, a true betch, would never do)?  He tried to start rumors about Britney sexually harassing him, and she chose to settle the lawsuit – probably providing his paycheck fo life.  This is why celebs need a stringent employee screening process! #hiremebritney

“Normal” kids: K-Fed is running his mouth about how he wants his kids to have normal lives and “work at Mickey D’s.”  The irony is too much, considering K-Fed is white trash, not a celeb, and overweight to the point of passing out during weight loss shows.  Plus the thing about Britney loving fast food.  Sean and Jayden will not be working at any McDonald’s.  Hopefully they’ll attend USC and pursue modeling careers and NOT knock anyone up until they’re 22.  Family firsts all around, while being good children of celebrities.  The little blond Spears boys really are too cute, so I hope they turn out great.  Just not working at McDonald’s to make their dad feel better about himself.

Don't worry boys, Mom will literally always buy you cars.

Does blogging about legal dramas constitute studying for law school?  Can I submit this post as my judicial opinion? Really, open to input…  I’ll leave you with real celeb disaster news by way of Lindsay Lohan on the Today Show this week.  Turnin’ that career around, baby.  I will drink to her on SNL tonight, though, and hope for something epic to happen.  Or out of kindness, actually hope that Playboy+SNL happens to be the killer comeback combo.  

Enjoy your weekends, Spring Break is fast approaching! Peace/love/Britney.

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It’s gonna be exactly like in a movie when we fall in love for the first time

Happy Valentine’s Day, readers!  A not-so-secret fact about myself is that I LOVE February 14.  Single or in a relationship, it’s my favorite “holiday,” and I almost always find a way to celebrate it.  Last year my roomie Kate, LNP, and I threw the best party ever, complete with heart-shaped pizzas and lots of red wine.  It was actually the best party ever – if we had a law school yearbook it would say so.  In college I spent hundreds of dollars decorating our apartment for the entire month of February.  In high school my dad gave me $100 and his red Cadillac to take my BFF out on a date to Olive Garden.  In preschool I threw a “party” (it was actually a double date) where we ate cookies and decorated Valentines t-shirts.  This is not a new thing.  I’m thrilled that Starbucks decided to join in the celebration this year with seasonal cups, and I think every other company ever should do the same.

I hope you’re all enjoying this day.  All that to say… when I heard the rumors that Britney was geting married TODAY in HAWAII, I was ecstatic.  Not like I need more proof that we’re soulmates, but a wedding on my favorite day sealed the deal.  Turns out, not so.  Or at least the rumors changed to a late-summer wedding, and no one has yet broken the news that she secretly got hitched somewhere tropical.  The latest is that the Spears camp hopes to clear up her legal dramas (get out of our lives, Sam Lufti) and end Brit’s dad’s conservatorship of her before she marries Jason.  That way she will be a real grown up, in control of her finances, and hopefully the third time will be the charm when it comes to Brit as a bride.

Happy to report all good news on this national day of love <3 (vom a little? To make it even worse, I’m going on a girlie date night with my friends to see The Vow. I will 100% cry and 100% love it.)

Photo via Celebuzz

I failed as a music blogger by neglecting to watch the Grammys Sunday night, but the coverage of the controversial performances (if you missed my lady Nicki Minaj, see it here!) has been entertaining. More importantly, RIP Whitney Houston, who was honored at the show and at the pre-party.  Britney was at Clive Davis’s party the night before, chatting it up with Kim K and telling reporters that “I Will Always Love You” is her favorite Whitney song.  Hollywood did a great job coming together to show their respect for her passing.  Enjoy your plans or no plans tonight, extra xoxo, peace/love/Britney.

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FLASHBACK FRIDAY: You’re a superstar, yes, that’s what you are

Remember when I used to blog about Britney Spears? Delivered vital news and gossip, filtered through my obsession, at least weekly? Barely? Me too.  I’ve let you down, readers.  It’s been almost a month (but givemesomecredit, NOT an entire month) since I’ve posted.  I blame law school, birthdays, Boston, and Pretty Little Liars.  Yes, it’s true, I have a new TV obsession and it’s changing my life. #TeamHanna

So in the past month, a ton of my best friends have had birthdays, which has led to a lot of nights out and a lot of baked goods.  Birthday love to both Kate and Hannah of Fleur-De-Licious (providing all the baked goods), faithful readers Janie and Lauren, lifelong besties Jessie and Emily, and half a birthday nod to EWev who is almost 25.  See how busy I’ve been?!?  I also took a spontaneous weekend trip to Boston to visit my other half LTF, which was cold and relaxing and food-filled and puppy-filled and wonderful.

While I was in Boston, the Super Bowl happened.  This was sort of “the point” of my trip. It didn’t go that well for Boston. People there are Patriots fans, and “I am too.”  I made a 7-layer dip and we ate good pizza, though.  But the Giants tried really hard to ruin my night.  Someone who did not try to ruin my night was Madonna.  The general consensus at our Super Bowl gathering was hugely in favor of the Madonna/Nicki/MIA/Cee-lo halftime show.  (Shoutout to LTF for realizing that Cee-lo used to be Gnarls Barkley.)  Madge looked awesome, I liked the cheerleader theme, and there were only a few awkward moments (Madonna’s almost-fall and Cee-lo’s costume issues).  Although Madonna has always been the Queen of Pop, once enough people start to emulate her, the ladies run out of costumes and start copying each other.  The whole gladiator theme oozed Lady Gaga, which I’m sure Gags found super flattering.  The video for Give Me All Your Luvin’ is fun and visually stimulating, super sexed-up, of course. Why is this important?  Because my return to blogging will include some Britney news, I promise – and we should all care what Madonna’s been up to.

I recently blogged about Nicki Minaj and Madonna sharing a kiss while filming for this video.  Madonna has a new album coming out, MDNA, which is being pretty heavily hyped.  She’s a legend and she still looks amazing.  

This week saw rumors that Britney will be collaborating on a track on the new album, which would be a-maz-ing. Duh.  Obviously the two have a great history – from the kiss at the VMAs, to Me Against the Music, to each talking the other woman up in many interviews.  Big fans of each other, sharing the same fan base, together again.  Neither one has confirmed the collaboration, but a potential album cover has leaked, suggesting that Britney will be in on the track “Girls Gone Wild.”  Hoping this is true, because now that Britney’s done with the Femme Fatale tour and gearing up for a wedding, we need to get as much as we can from her before she’s  all married and domestic.  More details on the wedding coming in my next post, which will NOT be delayed like this one was.  Beyond flashing back to the good old days when I used to blog, in honor of Madge and her halftime show, I’m flashing back to Britney’s own Super Bowl appearance, in an amazing display of early 2000s pop culture.  

I missed you, readers, and I promise not to leave you again… this is important stuff, guys. I won’t let things like law school interfere again.  I make no promises about PLL.  Peace/love/Britney.

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FLASHBACK FRIDAY: This song is all about me

Plus the single art's not bad.

Do you ever wish/pretend that your favorite pop singers wrote their own songs? Even though we all know that Britney writing her own songs would bring us full albums of awkward ballads like “Dear Diary” and “My Baby,” we like to think that in her great songs, she’s singing about herself, us, people we know of from her life.  “Piece of Me,” the Smartest Britney Song Ever Written, is so on-point about her life that it’s hard to imagine she didn’t write it.  And today’s song, “Look Who’s Talking Now” is full of self-referential lyrics that make us feel like Britney’s really speaking from the heart (apparently she did help write this one!).  Alas.  I’ll have to get my pop singer/songwriter personal exposé fix from Taylor Swift.  Props to Britney’s songwriters, though, for making us feel like we know her.

Sharing this song is kind of cheating as a flashback, since many of you may not have heard it before.  It was supposedly recorded in 2003, though, to be used on the Circus album, but was instead released by Korean pop star BoA.  I’m really feeling the fierce vibe of it- sassy bitter Britney is fun too. The full Britney version has leaked, in good quality, so for those of you who’d heard snippets before, here’s your flashback.  If not, flashback to an earlier era in Britney’s story when she recorded, and helped write, this one. 

In other flashback news, the Kiss that will never cease to make news has been brought up again, this time in a Nightline interview where Madonna called it a “nice moment” and said Brit’s a good kisser (duh).  Headlines have said Madge “wouldn’t do it again,” but see the video for yourself to clarify – she said she doesn’t like to repeat herself and that she’s already kissed Brit on live TV, so why do it again?  Definitely not a dig at Brit.

Britney tweeted this pic of her boys on Wednesday

After showing us her engagement ring last week, Britney’s been tweeting from the family this week, sharing pictures of her boys at gymnastics class and playing on the trampoline. It’s cute to see Britney being domestic while she’s not touring, and she’s looking good too!  The latest issue of V Magazine (complete with an amazing interview with Justin Bieber that any music fan should read, I promise), features an interview with Brit about being on tour with her team, and she’s looking great in the photo they included (below).

On that note, a brief moment of your time in honor of Justin Bieber? His V article has people comparing it to the “not a girl, not yet a woman” mantra of young Britney, but I have to say I think Justin’s more self-aware than that.  I think that it’s so easy to see celebrity horror stories these days, whether it’s Britney’s downward spiral (which is now a success story), or Lindsay’s trainwreck, or Michael Jackson’s or Amy Winehouse’s untimely deaths.  If you’re smart, which I think JB is, you’ve seen all the ways fame and success can go wrong, and you can figure out how to avoid it.  His MO in the article is to take things one day at a time, grow up at his own speed, and never stop trying to be the best.  Who knows if he’ll make it past another year of success, but I definitely think he has a good head on his shoulders, and won’t go off the tracks like many young stars.  That’s my science of celebrity thought for the day.  Enjoy Brit’s newly leaked track and enjoy your weekends.  Peace/love/Britney

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I sent you to Vegas with a pocket full of paper

FIRST, stop everything and watch this video: 

As a committed Mavs fan and Dirk lover, as well as diehard Britney fan, this is pretty much perfection.  Also love his monotone and lack of facial expression for the “dramatic” reading.  And the fact that “Oops” will always be culturally relevant.

NEXT… a Vegas recap!  I’m going to credit this as my best Vegascation yet, well-planned and executed, and pass on my tips for your future enjoyment.

1. DON’T fly Spirit Airlines. Just don’t. We got our flights for $79 roundtrip from Dallas, which I realize is amazing and unbeatable, but we also didn’t take off for Vegas until 2 hours after our scheduled flight time. And had to carry individual shoes with us because the suitcase was over their 40 lb weight limit (another DON’T: share suitcases with another girl going to Vegas. Sexy shoes are heavy.).  And “not much legroom” is an understatement.  And I’m convinced there were homeless people on our flight.  Just a suggestion…

Buffet cotton candy is a food group

2. DO wait for a great hotel deal. Ours came with 4 free buffet passes at TI, which almost completely eliminated the need for a meal budget.  Sleep til 11 -> buffet at 12 -> $2 Coors Light and a hot dog at 7? Done and done.  Last time we even got to stay at the Wynn (aahh) for a great price through a Southwest package.  These deals come along often, especially during the winter months (where it was still in the 60s during the day – perfect!), so DON’T pay full price for a Vegas hotel.

Water slide goes THROUGH the aquarium!

3. DO get off the strip and visit downtown Vegas and the Neon Museum.  We took a quick bus ride and spent all of Thursday on Fremont Street and at the Neon Museum, and it was by far my favorite part of the trip.  The old neon signs from Vegas, along with the great stories the tour guides tell, will make you feel like an insider to Vegas history even though you’re being super touristy.  The old casinos are fun, you can play the slots with actual coins (with a machine that spits out nickels when you win, making a ton of noise even if you only win $4), and you can get the aforementioned $2 beer & hotdog bargain.  Plus, the Golden Nugget is NOT a seedy dive casino – it’s owned by Steve Wynn, the pool is totally amazing, and the blackjack dealers are nice while they’re taking all your money.  DO buy a bigdrink downtown and get a cheap refill. DO play the “Big Six” wheel game everywhere you go.

4. DO have dinner at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant, or at least take a ride up in the elevator.  The views are totally amazing, and the food is delicious.  We were seated facing the Bellagio and got to see two fountain shows during dinner, as well as half the strip.  Fantastic decision!  While at Paris, I scoped on Chateau and the Sugar Factory, channelling Brit after her engagement. DON’T forget to retrace Britney’s steps through all of her Vegas highlights- Pure, The Palms, Planet Hollywood, and last but not least, The Little White Wedding Chapel.

View from dinner!

5. DON’T forget comfortable shoes. Some might say that it’s Vegas and girls should just power through the foot pain (I said that)… but some think it’s worth it to stop at Ross on the strip and buy flats. LNP bought the flats, which gave me mental permission to change into my sandals before our last night out.  Had I not packed my Sam Edelman sandals, I too would have gone out to Hyde in flats from Ross.

Britney and Jason at Chateau at Paris Las Vegas

Besides all this, we saw Zumanity, rode the roller coaster at New York New York, got our money taken by an old lady at El Cortez, made at least 3 trips to CVS, and stayed out until 6 am without even realizing it! While I was live-tweeting Vegas, Britney was reminding us she’s still alive (though not touring or making big headlines) by tweeting and facebooking a pic of her showing off her engagement ring. You and everyone else on facebook this month, Brit… But she seems really excited about it, and even though the picture isn’t great, we’ve all seen the close-up of the ring already!  In other news, JT did get engaged to Jessica Biel. Tacky.

Thanks to all my new readers, and DO let me know when you’re planning your own trip to Vegas! Peace/love/Britney!

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This is for all those Southern boys out there

It’s 2012 and the world hasn’t ended yet!  I think we’re gonna make it, and so does Britney, cause she’s diving into wedding planning for her upcoming nuptials to Jason Trawick.  Media outlets have been running wild with this one quote from a source about Brit’s wedding conception:

“She wants a traditional Southern-style wedding with comfort food, surrounded by her family, her two sons and all of her childhood friends.”

Headlines have summarized this as a “country” wedding, “small,” and set in Louisiana, but no more details have actually been released.  My only concern with the potentially precious and quaint Southern-style wedding is the “comfort food” part – we know the girl’s partial to fast food and frapps… Here’s to a classy mashed potato bar!

Britbrit, just check out Pinterest for all the wedding inspiration you could possibly need. (yes, I am finally on Pinterest, and yes, I do have a Britney board.)  I think we could do really precious things with a Southern Spears wedding, but strangely enough, she hasn’t called for my advice yet!

Designer Scott with Perry

In another wedding planning tidbit, Britney is supposedly considering designers Betsey Johnson and Jeremy Scott to design her wedding dress – either ultra futuristic à la Katy Perry (eek, bad wedding luck?), or edgy yet classic and frilly.  In the same article, Brit’s fluctuating weight is mentioned and it’s reported that she wants to be in the best shape for her wedding (duh).  On that note, she recently fired her trainer and made this statement…

“I’m very big on being healthy and working out three times a week. I go to bed early and get my beauty sleep. I also drink lots of water to keep my body hydrated.”

So maybe this Christmas break I was lucky if I worked out 3 times a week, but we know Britney will have to step it up now that her tour’s over to be in tip-top wedding shape.  Jason’s a work-out fiend himself, so I’m sure she can do it and will look fab in whatever dress she chooses!

Most recently, the engaged couple spent the holidays in NYC and stayed out of trouble – photographed shopping around and walking, and reportedly spending a night out at a bar drinking water.  Good news for newly domestic Brit, and promising signs for a successful 2012 with Jason and the boys!

I’m headed to Vegas with LNP tomorrow, hoping for some awesome meals, a little gambling, and great music – full report when we return!  I’ll leave you with this sweet mashup feat. Brit of course, and most other songs you’ve liked lately (including Waking up in Vegas!).  See you back here for Flashback Friday and a Vegas recap on Sunday.  Peace/love/Britney!

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Don’t keep me waiting

Happy last day of 2011, readers!

My apologies for foregoing Flashback Friday yesterday, but I wanted to ring in the new year with you today, flashing back to what is possibly my favorite NYE scene from anything, ever.  Back in Season 1 of what I’ll argue is the Best Show of Our Time (the OC, duh), “The Countdown” was the New Year’s episode to end all New Year’s episodes.  Ignore the Seth-Anna plotline and Summer’s sad midnight, and revel in the prime romantic gesture that everyone should be watching and learning from – it’s perfectly sensible to run up 40 flights of stairs to get to the one you love on New Year’s Eve. Especially if the one you love is a) MarissaCooperthebestgirlever, and b) about to be swept away by a creeper like Oliver.  I still cry/get chills watching this scene – here’s to equally dramatic and fulfilling New Year’s Eves to all of you, my loves! 

And if you’re not looking for a big romantic scene, but maybe a relaxing night in or a wild night out, I have movie and music recommendations for you.  I’ve loved The Descendants and enjoyed Girl with the Dragon Tattoo this break (even though I was dragged to the latter, I’ll admit it was a great movie).  Part of my mind rotted by Christmas-break coma almost drew me into a theater showing New Years Eve again, even though you all know that I hated that movie.  Don’t see that, even tonight.  Do see one of the others, and let me know if you have other movie recs as well!  

If you’re headed out to a club like I am (I’ll say it again, gay bars play the best Britney hits), enjoy Brit’s rockier track off of FF, and don’t let anyone keep you waiting too long for midnight!  An acoustic version of this song was leaked this week too, and you can check it out here.  Wish I was headed somewhere Britney would be ringing in the New Year, like she did at Pure in 2006 (see you in a few days, Vegas!!). 

Happy New Year, Brit fans, be safe tonight! Peace/love/Britney in 2012!

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