Don’t keep me waiting

Happy last day of 2011, readers!

My apologies for foregoing Flashback Friday yesterday, but I wanted to ring in the new year with you today, flashing back to what is possibly my favorite NYE scene from anything, ever.  Back in Season 1 of what I’ll argue is the Best Show of Our Time (the OC, duh), “The Countdown” was the New Year’s episode to end all New Year’s episodes.  Ignore the Seth-Anna plotline and Summer’s sad midnight, and revel in the prime romantic gesture that everyone should be watching and learning from – it’s perfectly sensible to run up 40 flights of stairs to get to the one you love on New Year’s Eve. Especially if the one you love is a) MarissaCooperthebestgirlever, and b) about to be swept away by a creeper like Oliver.  I still cry/get chills watching this scene – here’s to equally dramatic and fulfilling New Year’s Eves to all of you, my loves! 

And if you’re not looking for a big romantic scene, but maybe a relaxing night in or a wild night out, I have movie and music recommendations for you.  I’ve loved The Descendants and enjoyed Girl with the Dragon Tattoo this break (even though I was dragged to the latter, I’ll admit it was a great movie).  Part of my mind rotted by Christmas-break coma almost drew me into a theater showing New Years Eve again, even though you all know that I hated that movie.  Don’t see that, even tonight.  Do see one of the others, and let me know if you have other movie recs as well!  

If you’re headed out to a club like I am (I’ll say it again, gay bars play the best Britney hits), enjoy Brit’s rockier track off of FF, and don’t let anyone keep you waiting too long for midnight!  An acoustic version of this song was leaked this week too, and you can check it out here.  Wish I was headed somewhere Britney would be ringing in the New Year, like she did at Pure in 2006 (see you in a few days, Vegas!!). 

Happy New Year, Brit fans, be safe tonight! Peace/love/Britney in 2012!

Title credit: Don’t Keep Me Waiting, from Femme Fatale

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Equally obsessed with live, quality music and trashy pop. If I could have majored in "Celebrities," I would have. Instead I made power points about B.Spears, and took enough real classes to get into law school.
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