This is for all those Southern boys out there

It’s 2012 and the world hasn’t ended yet!  I think we’re gonna make it, and so does Britney, cause she’s diving into wedding planning for her upcoming nuptials to Jason Trawick.  Media outlets have been running wild with this one quote from a source about Brit’s wedding conception:

“She wants a traditional Southern-style wedding with comfort food, surrounded by her family, her two sons and all of her childhood friends.”

Headlines have summarized this as a “country” wedding, “small,” and set in Louisiana, but no more details have actually been released.  My only concern with the potentially precious and quaint Southern-style wedding is the “comfort food” part – we know the girl’s partial to fast food and frapps… Here’s to a classy mashed potato bar!

Britbrit, just check out Pinterest for all the wedding inspiration you could possibly need. (yes, I am finally on Pinterest, and yes, I do have a Britney board.)  I think we could do really precious things with a Southern Spears wedding, but strangely enough, she hasn’t called for my advice yet!

Designer Scott with Perry

In another wedding planning tidbit, Britney is supposedly considering designers Betsey Johnson and Jeremy Scott to design her wedding dress – either ultra futuristic à la Katy Perry (eek, bad wedding luck?), or edgy yet classic and frilly.  In the same article, Brit’s fluctuating weight is mentioned and it’s reported that she wants to be in the best shape for her wedding (duh).  On that note, she recently fired her trainer and made this statement…

“I’m very big on being healthy and working out three times a week. I go to bed early and get my beauty sleep. I also drink lots of water to keep my body hydrated.”

So maybe this Christmas break I was lucky if I worked out 3 times a week, but we know Britney will have to step it up now that her tour’s over to be in tip-top wedding shape.  Jason’s a work-out fiend himself, so I’m sure she can do it and will look fab in whatever dress she chooses!

Most recently, the engaged couple spent the holidays in NYC and stayed out of trouble – photographed shopping around and walking, and reportedly spending a night out at a bar drinking water.  Good news for newly domestic Brit, and promising signs for a successful 2012 with Jason and the boys!

I’m headed to Vegas with LNP tomorrow, hoping for some awesome meals, a little gambling, and great music – full report when we return!  I’ll leave you with this sweet mashup feat. Brit of course, and most other songs you’ve liked lately (including Waking up in Vegas!).  See you back here for Flashback Friday and a Vegas recap on Sunday.  Peace/love/Britney!

Title credit: (I Got That) Boom Boom, from In the Zone

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Equally obsessed with live, quality music and trashy pop. If I could have majored in "Celebrities," I would have. Instead I made power points about B.Spears, and took enough real classes to get into law school.
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