I sent you to Vegas with a pocket full of paper

FIRST, stop everything and watch this video: 

As a committed Mavs fan and Dirk lover, as well as diehard Britney fan, this is pretty much perfection.  Also love his monotone and lack of facial expression for the “dramatic” reading.  And the fact that “Oops” will always be culturally relevant.

NEXT… a Vegas recap!  I’m going to credit this as my best Vegascation yet, well-planned and executed, and pass on my tips for your future enjoyment.

1. DON’T fly Spirit Airlines. Just don’t. We got our flights for $79 roundtrip from Dallas, which I realize is amazing and unbeatable, but we also didn’t take off for Vegas until 2 hours after our scheduled flight time. And had to carry individual shoes with us because the suitcase was over their 40 lb weight limit (another DON’T: share suitcases with another girl going to Vegas. Sexy shoes are heavy.).  And “not much legroom” is an understatement.  And I’m convinced there were homeless people on our flight.  Just a suggestion…

Buffet cotton candy is a food group

2. DO wait for a great hotel deal. Ours came with 4 free buffet passes at TI, which almost completely eliminated the need for a meal budget.  Sleep til 11 -> buffet at 12 -> $2 Coors Light and a hot dog at 7? Done and done.  Last time we even got to stay at the Wynn (aahh) for a great price through a Southwest package.  These deals come along often, especially during the winter months (where it was still in the 60s during the day – perfect!), so DON’T pay full price for a Vegas hotel.

Water slide goes THROUGH the aquarium!

3. DO get off the strip and visit downtown Vegas and the Neon Museum.  We took a quick bus ride and spent all of Thursday on Fremont Street and at the Neon Museum, and it was by far my favorite part of the trip.  The old neon signs from Vegas, along with the great stories the tour guides tell, will make you feel like an insider to Vegas history even though you’re being super touristy.  The old casinos are fun, you can play the slots with actual coins (with a machine that spits out nickels when you win, making a ton of noise even if you only win $4), and you can get the aforementioned $2 beer & hotdog bargain.  Plus, the Golden Nugget is NOT a seedy dive casino – it’s owned by Steve Wynn, the pool is totally amazing, and the blackjack dealers are nice while they’re taking all your money.  DO buy a bigdrink downtown and get a cheap refill. DO play the “Big Six” wheel game everywhere you go.

4. DO have dinner at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant, or at least take a ride up in the elevator.  The views are totally amazing, and the food is delicious.  We were seated facing the Bellagio and got to see two fountain shows during dinner, as well as half the strip.  Fantastic decision!  While at Paris, I scoped on Chateau and the Sugar Factory, channelling Brit after her engagement. DON’T forget to retrace Britney’s steps through all of her Vegas highlights- Pure, The Palms, Planet Hollywood, and last but not least, The Little White Wedding Chapel.

View from dinner!

5. DON’T forget comfortable shoes. Some might say that it’s Vegas and girls should just power through the foot pain (I said that)… but some think it’s worth it to stop at Ross on the strip and buy flats. LNP bought the flats, which gave me mental permission to change into my sandals before our last night out.  Had I not packed my Sam Edelman sandals, I too would have gone out to Hyde in flats from Ross.

Britney and Jason at Chateau at Paris Las Vegas

Besides all this, we saw Zumanity, rode the roller coaster at New York New York, got our money taken by an old lady at El Cortez, made at least 3 trips to CVS, and stayed out until 6 am without even realizing it! While I was live-tweeting Vegas, Britney was reminding us she’s still alive (though not touring or making big headlines) by tweeting and facebooking a pic of her showing off her engagement ring. You and everyone else on facebook this month, Brit… But she seems really excited about it, and even though the picture isn’t great, we’ve all seen the close-up of the ring already!  In other news, JT did get engaged to Jessica Biel. Tacky.

Thanks to all my new readers, and DO let me know when you’re planning your own trip to Vegas! Peace/love/Britney!

Title credit: Why Should I Be Sad? from Blackout

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