It’s gonna be exactly like in a movie when we fall in love for the first time

Happy Valentine’s Day, readers!  A not-so-secret fact about myself is that I LOVE February 14.  Single or in a relationship, it’s my favorite “holiday,” and I almost always find a way to celebrate it.  Last year my roomie Kate, LNP, and I threw the best party ever, complete with heart-shaped pizzas and lots of red wine.  It was actually the best party ever – if we had a law school yearbook it would say so.  In college I spent hundreds of dollars decorating our apartment for the entire month of February.  In high school my dad gave me $100 and his red Cadillac to take my BFF out on a date to Olive Garden.  In preschool I threw a “party” (it was actually a double date) where we ate cookies and decorated Valentines t-shirts.  This is not a new thing.  I’m thrilled that Starbucks decided to join in the celebration this year with seasonal cups, and I think every other company ever should do the same.

I hope you’re all enjoying this day.  All that to say… when I heard the rumors that Britney was geting married TODAY in HAWAII, I was ecstatic.  Not like I need more proof that we’re soulmates, but a wedding on my favorite day sealed the deal.  Turns out, not so.  Or at least the rumors changed to a late-summer wedding, and no one has yet broken the news that she secretly got hitched somewhere tropical.  The latest is that the Spears camp hopes to clear up her legal dramas (get out of our lives, Sam Lufti) and end Brit’s dad’s conservatorship of her before she marries Jason.  That way she will be a real grown up, in control of her finances, and hopefully the third time will be the charm when it comes to Brit as a bride.

Happy to report all good news on this national day of love <3 (vom a little? To make it even worse, I’m going on a girlie date night with my friends to see The Vow. I will 100% cry and 100% love it.)

Photo via Celebuzz

I failed as a music blogger by neglecting to watch the Grammys Sunday night, but the coverage of the controversial performances (if you missed my lady Nicki Minaj, see it here!) has been entertaining. More importantly, RIP Whitney Houston, who was honored at the show and at the pre-party.  Britney was at Clive Davis’s party the night before, chatting it up with Kim K and telling reporters that “I Will Always Love You” is her favorite Whitney song.  Hollywood did a great job coming together to show their respect for her passing.  Enjoy your plans or no plans tonight, extra xoxo, peace/love/Britney.

Title credit: Bombastic Love from Britney
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